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I am a pragmatic engineering and design educator committed to providing equitable access to various learning experiences for nearly 20 years. 


In each of my roles across several countries, I have been innovative in providing flexible instruction to support the diverse ways adults learn, changing up the tools or teaching methods employed for learning as needed and making improvements based on assessing learner progress and engagement. One of my favorite aspects of this role is developing the course content and delivery, and I would now like to transfer those skills to a career in learning design. 

I went into engineering initially because of my passion for learning, for wanting to figure out how things worked and to make a positive difference in the world through design. Later, I turned to teaching and design after discovering a strength in coaching others to think critically, analytically, and creatively in problem-solving. I have designed, presented, and facilitated in-person, online, and hybrid learning experiences in small and large groups for students, staff, and external stakeholders. In my current role, I'm privileged to support workforce development in emerging clean energy technologies.

Outside of teaching, my hobbies include playing the alto saxophone in our community Concert Band, reading, painting (watercolor and acrylics), and traveling! 

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