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Design, Build, Test

Project instructions using Articulate

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Learning Objectives 

The main objective of the first-year engineering course I had previously taught was to introduce students to engineering design process models and tools. This course is grounded in Experiential Learning Theory (Kolb, 1984), where students learn by doing. Lectures and activities in class expose students to technical content, and their lab session affords and opportunity to put that content into practice with two design, build, and test projects. The objective of this particular module was to make students aware of project guidelines as well as resources available during their first project.

Design and Development

The first project in this course tasked students to work in teams to build a Rube Goldberg machine, and this module was created so that I'll be able to easily share information about (1) project guidelines and (2) project resources. It was created using Articulate Storyline, with triggers and layers, and published to GitHub. 

Evaluation and Post-project Reflection

In previous iterations of this course, students had given feedback that it was somewhat confusing to keep track of so many links and documents inside of our Canvas site, so this single module was developed to keep everything that students would need in one place for the most part. I hope to be able to validate this module the next time the course is taught. 

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