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Sand Box

I love to learn, and I get excited when I come across new instructional tools. Here are some recent examples of tools I've been playing with...

Untitled design (2).png
Untitled design (2).png

Tools for Interactive In-Class Activities

Miro is a virtual whiteboard for team collaboration. In the classroom, it has worked well for design reviews, in-class activities, idea generation workshops and so much more!


Using Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an online polling tool that I've used to make lectures, activities, and design reviews more interactive. Feedback can be given easily using the app on a phone or a laptop, and can be seen in real time. 

Untitled design (3).png

Using MailChimp (and Constant Contact)

Creating emails for our Concert Band's Concert Series has given me an opportunity to learn more with photo editing, using Canva, and play more with HTML to make the layouts closer to what I had pictured.

(In my University position, I use Constant Contact almost weekly to carry out similar tasks-- requiring photo editing, content writing, and using Canva for graphics, but these emails can't be posted here.)


Not an etool, but...I like to try other things, too!

I LOVE to learn and try all sorts of new things, and I have been pushing myself to try a few new things every year for the past several years. I've tried lots of new artsy things, like ring making, photography, mosaics,  pottery, and frame weaving, and I've tried some sporty things, like Pilates and yoga on a paddleboard (nope!); I've tried learning some new programming languages, driving offroad, cooking new foods, and a bunch of other random things--Always learning!

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